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The Hobie 16 Catamaran

The latest catamaran from Hobie Cat Europe, the Hobie Catsy, completes the Hobie rotomoulded polyethylen family of catamarans ranging from 11 to 16 feet. With a length of 3,10 m, everything on board has been based on simplicity and safety thus allowing the youngest entry level sailors to discover the fun of catamaran sailing and surfing techniques.
The Hobie 16 CatamaranThe Hobie 16 Catamaran

Standard Equipment

- White asymmetric hulls in polyester with colour stripe
- Anti-skid neoprene
- Dacron white sails, horizontal cut, reef points in the mainsail
- Special batten end caps
- Mesh trampoline with pocket
- Double trapeze with J&H handles
- White Knight rudder blades
- Fibreglas tiller extension
- Rear crossbar with integrated rail
- Race blocks
- SSI main traveller


- Length: 5,05 m
- Width: 2,43 m
- Mast height: 7,92 m
- Weight ca.: 145 kg
- Mainsail area: 13,77 m²
- Jib area: 5,12 m²
- Spi area (option): 15 m²
- Crew: 1-2
- EC homologation
- category C
- ISAF International class

Hobie 16 Sail Colours

Euro 09Euro 09
Going GreenGoing Green
Hot PinkHot Pink
Euro 2010 PalmaEuro 2010 Palma
Pink PantherPink Panther
BlueberryHobie Cat 16 40th Anniversary Limited Edition